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I am looking for distribution maps for insects and fungi of Finland. On this website/LAJI it says the maps should not be used as distribution maps, but are just showing observations. I am happy for any recommendations on websites or PDF-files where distributions maps are available! :slight_smile:

Also I am wondering if there are any method for inventory of biodiversity in Finnish forest, including indicator species. I found a pdf-file about inventory of the forests along the Finnish coast. Is there a similar inventory method for the rest of Finland’s forests? Natur och Miljö - Natur och miljö

That’s a tough question. Proper distribution maps should be carefully vetted and, if possible, corrected for biases so that they reflect the true distribution of the taxon rather than, for example, the distributions of recorders…

This is very trickly to do right and most of the “distrubution maps” available anywhere are actually record maps.

The maps on laji.fi will tell you where a taxon has been found (well. at least where recorded have been claimed, judging the reliability of various records takes time & effort & experience), but they tell you nothing about the situation in areas where there are no records: the lack may reflect gaps in the data rather than genuine gaps in the distribution.

I am not quite sure about how to intepret your second question. There are many different methods for forest inventories depending on what you are trying to record or measure. Several guides are listed at the end of the PDF you linked to :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick response! :slight_smile: I thought maybe there is an official inventory methodology for “woodland key habitats” similar to the Swedish inventory “Nyckelbiotopsinventeringen” https://www.skogsstyrelsen.se/globalassets/mediaflowpro/bilder-miljo-och-klimat/handbok-for-inventering-av-nyckelbiotoper.pdf

But I think I can find something useful in the list of litterature in the PDF-document. :slight_smile:

The best “map” for fungi is a listing of provinces where agarics and boletes have been found - now already more than a decade old:

For aphyllophoraceous fungi a corresponing list is available in print only. For ascomycetes we are not even that far.

There is also a newer book on indicator fungi (signalarter) of forest habitats:


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