Please help me id this Sphagnum thx

Hi, I’m very glad to have found you guys, unfortunately, I don’t understand much of this forum as I don’t speak this language.
I found this Sphagum in the oddest place, in the south of France, in full sun direct light, hugging a waterfall, growing flat on a rock I looked for a good 2 hours or so for both patches, but it was only there. I think someone put it there and it happened to grow quite nicely.
We don’t have many species of sphagnum here, two that I have found are: Sphagnum flexuosum, Flexuous Bog-moss and Sphagnum subsecundum.

I have a few books That I’ve looked at and I thought perhaps because of the lime green color it might be Sphagnum aongstroemii ?

Thank you for any help id this one :slight_smile:

Hi Rose! I’m no expert on mosses. I mainly photograph insects, but of course I’m interested in all kind of Nature. I browsed the Sphagnum page of and was amazed to see how many different species there are in Finland. Maybe because there are lots of bogs and marshes here. Here is a link to those pictures if you haven’t seen them yet. Sphagnum | Identify | Finnish Biodiversity Info Facility ( To my insecure eye Sphagnum auriculatum looks a lot like your specimens… but there are many others, too. :roll_eyes: I hope someone else can really help you, but I wanted to answer to lead you to that site. Good luck! :+1:

Hi! Sph. aongstroemii is an easy species, when you look at the branch leaf tip. However, it is a northern species not recorded from sub-meridional zone and nemoral Europe (except central Russia). Sph. flexuosum is possible.

Stem leaf shape would help a lot in identification.

I recommed the book Sphagnum mosses - The Stars of European Mires (Laine et al. 2018)

Hi thank you very much :slight_smile:

I check out the book perfect thank you so much