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Species for a Forest Board Game


Sarcosoma globosum is in Finnish hytymaljakas - something like geléskålsvamp or “dallrande skålsvamp”.


Since I was a kid I was always drawn to the insect life, although I’m interested in everything about nature. There’s been a few species from my childhood I remember very well. One of these is the ant-lion (Myrmeleon formicarius, a lacewing larval form). This is a species that many kids find “cool”. It’s often placed in open sunny heathland or beach habitats, but It’s actually more common in dry pine forests. Maybe a nice species to consider? Another great genre is the aquatic life, bugs in forest streams and ponds? Many nice species to choose from. Probably too much if you only have room for 50 species. I would design a terrible game with hundreds upon hundreds of my favorite fauna :sweat_smile:


I played your game recently and enjoyed it! :smiley: We did only one game, but it was easy to learn.

Nice to hear it will come in Finnish at some point, I’ll be sure to buy it and play with our kids. :slight_smile:


Great to hear you like the game! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Thanks for species proposals! :slight_smile: Ant-lion is an interesting idea! And I agree, it would be wonderful to add more species and more nature types. Actually I couldn’t resist and have started to brain storm ideas for a Lake game. :slight_smile:


I have started to read some reports about forest habitats in Finland and hot spots for biodiversity and red-listed species. It seems to me sandy soils (e.g. pine forest on soils with sand and very thin humus/organic layer) is a more important habitat than soils with lime (high pH). What do you think - is sandy soils more important than soils with lime?


Important and important… at least sandy pine forests are much more common and easier to find and recognize. You already have T. matsutake. Another one quite easy to recognize could be Boletopsis grisea. Or in old-growth forests with pine logs on the ground e.g. Stereopsis vitellina even though it is quite rare.


As I understand Vespa crabro is a newcomer in Finland. When I look at the map at there are observations of Vespa crabro in many parts of Finland. Has it spread very quickly in Finland?


Regarding ants and Finnish names, is there a Finnish name for the species group including both Formica rufa and Formica polyctena? In the Swedish version of the board game I have chosen the name “Skogsmyra”, while the name for Formica rufa is “Röd skogsmyra” and the name for Formica polyctena is “Kal skogsmyra”.


Kekomuurahainen is the Finnish name for those ants. It’s been interesting to follow this discussion! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it has, and it hasn’t. First specimens were from 1999-2000 and it has taken a strong foothold of SE Finland ever since with confirmed nests found from E-SE and S Finland.

There are also a lot of unchecked records, which seem dubious or are plain wrong. My personal opinion is that the species is still quite confined to SE-S Finland, but not much more North. The most typical species to mix it with is Dolichovespula media, and there actually were 2 records with pictures of D. media saved as V. crabro in (I just commented both of them regarding the incorrect ID). How many of the others without photos have the same error - no one knows… :slight_smile:


I see. Thanks Harry for this background information! :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s great! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I would like to know more about H. obliterata. The reason I like it is because it seems strongly connected to forest fires. Do you know where to find more information? Or a species experr who might know more?